HOW to participate to the CHeLabS Project?
On this portal you can freely access to any contents shared by the participants.
You can become an active part of the CHeLabS community, by sharing your experience and your ideas! In this way, you will be an added value for the network. Become a Registered Users for accessing the full functionality of our platform:

– participate to our interactive Survey
– operate on the interactive map of the CHeLabS SITES
– help us to promote the project as ASSOCIATE PARTNER.

the Survey

You will be invited to participate to our Survey, upon registration. Through an interactive questionnaire you can point out the knowledge needs emerged from your direct experience, the competences you can offer, and the professionals you would interact with to pursue the continuous improvement of your activity.
You can fill the questionnaire only once, choosing the profile that better suits your profession. But you can further access to this website whenever you like, contributing to the project in many other ways offered to the registered users.

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You can have access to the full functionality mode of the CHeLabS map reserved for registered users, during our survey or later.
Specifically, you can add a site/element of the cultural heritage to the CHeLabS map or express your interest for a site/element already present that, basing on your experience, is particularly significant for fostering the new knowledge on still open problems. You can add relevant information to the dossier of the site/element, propose an activity you can realize, or make an instrument/product/service available according to the specificity of that site/element.

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the Associate Partners

You can express the interest of your Organization in joining the project as Associate Partner by sending your expression from the CONTACTS page or by e-mail to