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CHeLabS is the seed of an innovative system for the safeguard processes and the valorisation of the Cultural Heritage. CHeLabS promotes an approach based on the OPEN ACCESS and the SHARING CULTURE.

Today an OPEN PLATFORM is set, where EVERYBODY can give a dynamic contribute, share their experience and make it become a value for all!


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CHeLabS promotes the vision of a distributed laboratory within the patrimony itself, built on the Open Access and the Sharing Culture.

The cultural patrimony is at the centre of this vision. The sites, the monuments, the historical cities, the collections: a scalable and harmonized network involving the territories, the owners and the administrators of the patrimony, the scientists, the technology operators, the schools and the universities, the entire society.
Today you can directly experience the added value of this vision, in a virtual context.
HOW ? You can participate to the interactive CHeLabS Survey, and operate on the map of the CHeLabS SITES to suggest representative heritage sites, interesting for the community!
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE ? ALL OF US can participate. The professionals of the cultural heritage field, and the citizens that wish to share their experience and make it become a value for all!
You can always follow the advancement of the project, the results of the survey and the activities on the most relevant sites for you.

CHeLabS Junior is born!

Through an educational and creative programme, the students attending the primary and high school can participate to the CHeLabS community and help us building a new scenario for the future.
Visit the CHeLabS Junior page to find the programme and all the materials!
The CHeLabS Survey has been launched among the initiatives for the EYCH 2018.
An open web platform for sharing knowledges and experiences.

let’s meet up to the CHeLabS SITES!

What are the heritage assets with the most challenging issues?

Often the most critical problems can push the most challenging issues: avoid the development of the decay process, by means of research and the creation of new knowledge.
Resembling PLACES OF CHALLENGES, some heritage assets represent the optimal scenario for the advancement of knowledge for the cultural heritage safeguard; they offer an attractive context that solicit the community to make steps forward.
Examples of these places are the CHeLabS SITES, the heritage assets suggested by the participants in our community, where open problems become connected to new opportunities of growth.
Now we wish these sites become PLACES TO MEET UP to exchange ideas and knowledge. Visit the CHeLabS SITES page and the information sheet related to each site!

CheLabS looks forward your contribution!