CHeLabS promotes the research and the innovation in the Cultural Heritage safeguard, through a model of territorial system based on the principles of the Open Access and Sharing Culture.
The cultural patrimony is at the centre of this vision, in order to become the place of a dynamic process of integration among people, and expertise. CHeLabS addresses the vision of a distributed laboratory, attracting competencies and generating excellence. This process is realized by implementing the access policies, the technologies, the activity encompassing research, training and dissemination actions within the patrimony itself.

Today CHeLabS opens a web-based platform to start sharing knowledge and new ideas, by means of an interactive survey. Through a bottom-up approach, the heritage professionals and the citizens are both invited to contribute:
– The professionals are solicited to identify the needs for knowledge enhancement and for technology development, to figure out the major challenges in future researches.
– The citizens are involved in a participative process to identify the heritage value perceived by the community, and to elicit new ideas on the expected learning experiences inside the cultural spaces.
The outcomes of the Survey will configure a possible scenario for the future CHeLabS structure.
The project also includes an educational and creative programme for the students attending the primary and high school. Visit the CHeLabS uniorS page to find the programme and all the materials!

The CHeLabS Survey is an initiative for the EYCH 2018.
We address the general objective of the EYCH 2018 “Cultural heritage’s contribution to the economy”.

The initial phase of the CHeLabS project has been funded in the framework of the Project SM@RTINFRA – SSHCH of the C.N.R. – DSU (MIUR MD n. 973 of 25.11.2013).



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P. Calicchia
CHeLabS (Cultural Heritage Open Laboratory System): una piattaforma web aperta per condividere conoscenze ed esperienze, IL PATRIMONIO CULTURALE DIGITALE. Iniziative in Europa e in Italia, CNR Conference Hall  (24 Oct 2018).


Heritage Tipology: Natural Area and Underwater Cultural Heritage (Lago di Nemi)
Focus on: Knoledge, and risk from anthropic activities in the management and in the safeguard of the territory.

Heritage Tipology: Archaelogical Area
Focus on: Seismic risk and structural decay of the built heritage.

Heritage Tipology: Example of Museum Collection in the Urban Landscape
Focus on: Risk due to the variation of climatic parameters and deformations of the paintings substrate.


The CHeLabS System: Vision | Inspiring Principles

The CHeLabS System: Methodological Approach

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